This is Chemistry Ltd

A branding and marketing Agency in Saltaire

Working in the marketing and advertising industry is all about collaboration.

You work with clients, you work with media companies, you work with designers and you work with printers. All of whom provide a service that you require to be able to do your job effectively.

Occasionally, you also work with other Agencies. This happened with us in 2018.

We took an enquiry from This is Chemistry, a full branding and marketing Agency based in Saltaire near Bradford. They had a client they were working with who required a service they didn’t directly deal with. This was bus advertising. Instead of suggesting to the client they don’t use that service, they reached out to us as they knew we were a specialist in this field. We were more than happy to work with them to provide this service ensuring they kept the best possible relationship with their client. In the industry, this is known as ‘white label’ contract.

Bus advertising in Bradfordbus advertising in bradford

The brief we were given was to provide a long term solution to help raise the profile of their client across West Yorkshire. After discussing different options, we suggested they use double deck Mega Rears for a year. A Mega Rear is where a client places a vinyl advert across the whole of the rear of the bus. It makes the message impossible for drivers to miss and with it being a made from vinyl, the advert would easily last the 12 month period in good condition.

This was agreed with their client and we booked 3 double deck mega rear adverts to run for a 12 month period out of the Bradford bus depot. A different message was placed on the back of each of the buses. This ensured that any potential customers had a fuller knowledge of the advertisers services.

Both the Agency and the end client were happy with the product they bought and the service they received from us. We are still working with This is Chemistry and hope to do so for the foreseeable future.

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