Oh So Bello Leeds

We were approached early in 2020 by a Leeds based business lady looking at ways to promote both of her businesses. Her initial request was about billboards in Leeds.

The client runs a bridal boutique called Abigail’s Bridal Boutique. This is based in Leeds city centre. The second business is a complimentary on-line lingerie business called Oh So Bello. The COVID-19 crisis meant that all our discussions needed to be put on hold for several months because the National lockdown was implemented.  We touched base again in July and discussed the options available to her. The client stated she wanted to concentrate on areas as close to the City centre as possible. At this point, I didn’t know which of the businesses were going to be promoted.

We looked at large format billboards, bus advertising and 6 sheet/Adshel. I included a series of Streethub digital screens knowing I could supply a series in the LS1 post code around the bridal boutique. All of these options would give them the visibility required to promote one or both of her businesses.

The client decided on a billboard campaign.

With availability being an issue, we chose one of the 75 Media boards on Kirkstall Road. We booked this for 4 weeks to run from week commencing 7th September 2020. The client decided to run with a campaign for the on-line lingerie business Oh So Bello. The message used images and had the website (www.ohsobello.co.uk) as the main contact. This clearly offered an excellent visual presence on an extremely busy road.

This Kirkstall Road billboard in Leeds is situated on a main arterial route in and out of the City. The billboards have over 40,000 cars viewing the panels every day. The official weekly traffic count is 280,000 (source – http://dft.gov/traffic-counts)


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