Sinple Treats – Lincoln

In March 2021 we were contacted by Adam Parnell of Sinple Treats enquiring about advertising opportunities in Lincoln for a Summer campaign he wanted to run.

I did a bit of research before contacting him and found out that Sinple Treats were an on-line luxury desserts business providing a home delivery service aswell as collections from their premises at Exchange Road in Lincoln.

Although bus advertising would be a great option, the images on the website led me to believe that the larger visual provided by billboards would be ideal for their products. Particularly as we have two digital billboards located on Dixon Street in the City.

I contacted Adam and we talked about the benefits of both bus and billboards. Although he liked the idea of both, it became clear that budget was going to mean we did one or the other. We both agreed that the billboards were therefore the best option in this situation. Unfortunately, there are relatively few standard billboards in Lincoln and what there is didn’t have great availability in the timeframe required. This led us to look purely at the two D48’s ( digital billboards ) in the City.

Other than the location, the main benefit of the D48’s was the ability to alter the advert free of charge during the campaign and also to run multiple adverts at the same time.

The client liked this flexibility and booked a 3 month campaign to run on both D48 screens across June, July and August.

We started off with a simple branding advert but quickly swapped over to more visual adverts once they were designed and approved. These new versions were 4 fabulous adverts, each one with a different dessert to tempt the viewer. They were run in even rotation across both screens. These adverts were designed by Simon Smallwood of Footprints Design Agency in Lincoln.

Adam has been very pleased with the campaign and we are in discussions about extending it and re-booking later in the year.

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