Zzoomm Plc

In November 2022 we were contacted by the Marketing Manager from Zzoomm, a full fibre broadband provider about an Out of Home campaign. We had previously worked together on several occasions with other full fibre providers, each time providing OOH solutions. 

Current campaign:

Zzoomm are operating in several towns, but we initially looked at billboard options in Crewe and Hereford. These were towns where they were currently on sale. The campaign will help the local sales team promote the brand and generate enquiries to the people of these towns.

We looked at both standard paper and digital options in both towns. However, we went with two digital screens operated by Alight mainly due to availability. 

A 14 week campaign was booked on 1 x D48 screen in each town to coincide with Black Friday. They started with a specific Black Friday message but changed to a more generic message a week later.

During this initial run, Alight built two more digital screens, one in each town and Zzoomm were informed of their locations. For the second campaign starting in late February, we included all 4 x D48 screens. Once again during this run, Alight built a third screen in Crewe and a new digital operator, Vision Advertising, launched one, also in Crewe.

Zzoomm booked the Vision Advertising screen for an initial 6 month run starting in May. They have subsequently booked this for a 12 month run. They also committed to all 5 x D48 Alight screens for a full 12 months. This campaign gives them excellent visibility in both towns and because they are digital, real flexibility to change message on a regular basis.

We have also booked several standard paper 48 sheet billboards to run across Q4 2023 and into January 2024. These are located in South Elmsall, South Yorkshire and Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.

Future plans:

We are now looking at other towns and advertising options including SKY Ad Smart TV advertising.

For details about Zzoomm plc, visit www.zzoomm.com 

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