With everything that has happened since 2020, many retail businesses have had to rethink how they run as a business. How they market and advertise their business going forward will form an important part of how they will operate.

Many will already have had some sort of on-line presence, but will now look at expanding this or turning their business to be completely on-line. Whatever they plan to do, they will still need to attract new customers to their physical or virtual shop.

I have worked with many retail clients over the years and can offer experience and product knowledge to ensure whatever spend they make, will be effective and offer value for money.

Industry Specific Problems:

The retail sector is an extremely wide and varied one. However, whatever product or service they offer, they all have to do one thing. They need to attract customers and these customers are all members of the general public. Therefore, they need to be very specific with their advertising message ensuring they target the right type of person who is or could be interested in their product. This means they will need to know who their target market actually is and they will need to talk to them in a language that they will understand. This is where my ‘sound and vision’ concept comes into its own.

Whenever I work with a retail client I will discuss the sound and vision concept and work out the most effective and cost-effective way to promote their message.

wolseley bathroom showroom hull

'Sound and Vision'

cg advertising

I will always recommend that they utilise their digital and social media platforms, as it is important they maximise the free opportunities open to them with an already engaged customer base.

This will then make any paid for campaigns more effective.

For all campaigns, the key is to maximise the number of people who are aware of the message. The people who see and hear this wont all be interested in the product or service but they may well know someone who is.

Using a mix of commercial radio with outdoor and bus advertising will put the campaign squarely in the ears and eyes of the general public on a daily basis. The important thing here, is they will see and hear the message as they go about their daily routines, day in and day out. This consistency will mean that the message becomes known and remembered. If the call the action is simple, then the target market will actually do what you want them to. If the business has also put the same message on their social media then this will only reinforce the campaign.


Here is an example of how to utilise 'sound and vision' concept effectively.

Commercial Radio

If the client is promoting a short term message such as a sale, then airtime offers the most flexible option. If they are want a more generic message that makes their product or name memorable, then sponsorship alongside an airtime campaign will work extremely well.

Depending on what the client requires, we will help create a message or series of messages that get across a specific message and play them out at times that give the most effective coverage.

Outdoor and bus advertising

As with radio, the nature of the campaign will be dictated by the type of campaign required. If it is a short term message, we look at the time of year the campaign is required and book a bus and billboard campaign accordingly. If it is more long term, then we look at options that give long term coverage.

Sometimes availability of certain media options will dictate what we propose, but both radio and outdoor/bus will give maximum visibility in the required area.

This is how sound and vision advertising works!


Highly visual and mobile 

A highly visual and mobile advert that works fantastically well in conjunction with other media, particularly radio. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business as you book a campaign of multiple buses in 4 week blocks. This brings the price in line with local newspapers and on many occasions is better than local radio.

City Scrap (Lincoln Tyres) bus rear photo - revised
POP for CG Advertising (Oh So Bello) - Kirkstal Road - 07-09-20


‘95 of the top 100 advertisers in the UK use outdoor advertising

This highly creative and visual medium is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising in the Country with popularity high among National, regional and local advertisers. In fact 95 of the top 100 advertisers in the UK use outdoor advertising as part of their mix.


Creative, relevant and memorable

Radio plays a vital, if somewhat unsung, role in people’s lives. Whether you like music or speech, there is a radio station for just about everyone. For many people, their choice of station is with them throughout the day. They wake up to it, go to work with it, they’re at work with it, and they come home with it. In fact they  probably spend more time with the radio than they do with their family!

Radio Advertising



bus advertising mansfield

Claytons of Mansfield

The campaign comprised of a 3 month sponsorship of Jambusters on Mansfield 103.2, the local radio station. This sponsorship was complimentary to Traffic and Travel and went out across the day, but specifically in both AM and PM Drive time.


Oh So Bello

We looked at large format billboards, bus advertising and 6 sheet/Adshel. I included a series of Streethub digital screens knowing I could supply a series in the LS1 post code around the bridal boutique. All of these options would give them the visibility required to promote one or both of her businesses.

wolseley bathroom showroom hull

Wolseley Bathroom Showroom

We decided to concentrate on billboards. The billboards offered fantastic visibility both in terms of location and their physical size. This allowed us to put forward a strong visual creative with a simple call to action.

"Thank you very much, overall the experience has been first class and I look forward to a long working relationship and business growth for both"

Adam Parnell, Sinple Treats Lincoln