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Benefits of TV Advertising:

For Businesses of Any Size

SKY’s revolutionary new approach to TV advertising levels the playing field and allows business of any size and category to see the benefits of advertising on the TV.

Location Based Targeting

You can choose to advertise in specific geographic areas applicable to your business. For example you can target by region, by metropolitan area, by post code area or/and by Local Government area

Target a Specific Household

Choose from hundred’s of household attributes allowing you to target an audience that is specific to your product and service and so minimising wastage.

Get Results

TV uses both audio and visual meaning you get the best of both worlds. A creative commercial using a simple call to action will be memorable.

The power of both the visual and audio

For many TV is the ultimate way to advertise as you get the power of both the visual and audio.

However, the multitude of digital channels now available gives a huge amount of choice to the viewer. This means the advertiser needs to be much more specific and creative in how they reach their target market.

We can help you decide which form of TV advertising is right for you.

Traditional TV Advertising

In this region TV advertising uses either the Emley Moor transmitter for North, West and South Yorkshire or the Belmont transmitter for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Using these will get your commercial onto terrestrial ITV, Channel 4 and 5.

In simple terms, the benefit of traditional TV advertising is you get both the mass audience at peak times around the evening soap operas and a daytime audience. Access to these audiences is a very powerful reason to use this form of advertising. There are a variety of packages available to suit your budget.


SKY Ad Smart TV Advertising

SKY Ad Smart TV advertising is new! It allows your message to be broadcast on dedicated SKY channels. You do not get the sheer volume of people seeing your advert, but you do get huge flexibility. This comes with the length of your campaign, the ability to be very specific with who you target and also the geographic area you broadcast within.  Therefore you can target a mid-affluence, home-owner within the HU and DN postcodes only, if required. Being so specific will reduce the amount of potential wastage and reduce the cost of your campaign.

Both options are hugely effective when you run a commercial with the right message and strength of campaign.

Case Study

Armour Windows

Armour Windows are a family owned business based in Coventry. They are proud of their reputation as one of the leading suppliers of premium home improvement products in Coventry and the wider West Midlands region.

We were contacted to look at a new way to help promote their services and bring in enquiries from this region. After an initial discussion of the various advertising options, we decided to run a SKY Ad Smart campaign as it offered something completely different to what they had already been doing.

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Reasons why you should choose CG Advertising:

We will work with you to ensure that you choose the right production company. It is important to get this right as they will make a commercial that reflects your brand. They will also produce the commercial in the correct format to get it through Clearcast and approved to be broadcast.

All campaigns are bespoke as they are tailored to fit a specific client brief. As such it is difficult to give a price for TV advertising at this stage. However, be assured, it can be a very cost-effective way to promote your business.

So if you are looking to use TV as part of your advertising mix contact us TODAY.

The College has worked with Chris on many campaigns over recent years including billboard, bus and radio and have been very happy with the work carried out on our behalf. Chris is quick to identify opportunities and respond to our needs. We look forward to continuing this working relationship in the coming years and highly recommend CG Advertising

Stephanie Hoult - Student Services Manager, West Nottinghamshire College Mansfield