North Lincolnshire Council

For everyone in Scunthorpe and across North Lincolnshire, it will be fair to say that 2020 will go down as a memorable year for one main reason – COVID-19.

The world-wide pandemic that initially started on the other side of the world, spread across all countries. This led to the shutting down of economies and unfortunately caused many thousands of deaths.

In the UK, from March, the whole country was working together as one to fight this. Infections began to reduce from early July, so the lockdown was gradually eased. At this point responsibility for public health went from being totally national to one that was more localised. Local Authorities were tasked with implementing strategies that were right for their areas whilst still adhering to national guidelines.

In mid-July, North Lincolnshire Council approached us to run a local advertising campaign. This was to promote safe practices that would help prevent local outbreaks of COVID-19. This campaign was also supported by NHS North Lincolnshire and Healthwatch North Lincolnshire.

We looked at several options but with such an important message, we wanted their campaign to be seen by as many people as possible. This meant we chose a large format billboard campaign.

We booked three billboards around Scunthorpe:

  • Brigg Road
  • Station Road
  • Winterton Road, behind the veterinary surgery

We booked Brigg Road for a 12 week period starting late July. The Station Road and Winterton Road sites were booked in several two week bursts based around current availability. On top of this, the Council also ran a campaign promoting this message on petrol pump nozzles across the region.

The initial message concentrated on the headline ‘Stop COVID, prevent local outbreaks’ and included simple advice that everyone could follow. The call to action was simple, go on-line to the specific North Lincolnshire Council web page –

The plan was for this message to change in early September to a more relevant one.

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