Willows Dental Group

Willows Dental Group are an independent dental group based in North Lincolnshire. They have two practices, Willows Dental at Riverside, based in Brigg and The Willows Dental Practice based in Belton on the Isle of Axholme.

We took an enquiry in April 2023 about advertising options including bus and digital billboards in the Brigg area to promote their new practice in the town.

We put forward several suggestions, but due to availability, the digital screen on Brigg Road in Scunthorpe operated by Alight, was the obvious choice for the client.

The client liked the idea that the digital screen gave them real flexibility in terms of rotating and altering adverts. As such, they booked an initial 8 week run on a 2 minute advert rotation starting in late May.

They initially ran with a generic message promoting both the Brigg and Belton practices, but quickly also added two more adverts into the rotation. These included a specific message around toothache and one promoting the availability of appointments at both locations.

The client is now looking at a 12 month commitment on the Scunthorpe digital screen and also has the option of including a digital screen in Doncaster. 

For details about Willows Dental Group, visit www.willowsdentalgroup.co.uk 

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