Pizza La Bella – Leeds Bus Advertising

.I was first approached by this Leeds based restaurant in 2018, but despite several quotes nothing materialised due to timing. However, a year later, I picked this back up and contacted the client to see if things had changed and thankfully, they had!

We discussed several different advertising options including billboards, bus, petrol station nozzles and phone kiosk advertising. It was decided to go forward with a Leeds bus advertising campaign out of the Bramley bus depot. This gave them the necessary coverage and visibility in Pudsey area of Leeds where they were based, and where the vast majority of their customers were going to come from.

The client wanted to target new and existing customers on the run upto Christmas. This is when traditionally he saw a spike in orders.

The Leeds Bus Advertising Campaign

We chose to run a Streetliner campaign as this targets both pedestrians and drivers alike. The dimensions also allowed us to design an excellent visual message. The message itself was simple and visual, offering a 10% discount for all bookings made through their website.

We booked 25 Streetliners for 8 weeks starting mid-November 2019. This covered the period upto and over the Christmas and New Year period. At the same time, the client also ran several leaflet campaigns using the same message in the post codes around the restaurant to maximise the special offer available. They also used their social media to reach their existing customers.

This is an excellent example of using multi-media together to push a specific message. Each medium will reach potential customers with many of these people seeing the message on more than one of the media used, several times and so increasing the likelihood of them responding.