Elysium Healthcare

We were approached by Elysium Healthcare to help them recruit more nurses and care workers to work at their Lincolnshire locations. The nature of this type of recruitment is that it is an on-going exercise. The nature of the work means that Care workers tend to come and go on a regular basis. We discussed various options with them including bus and billboards, but they had a lot of this already covered. However, they were interested in a radio campaign as they had done this in another area of the country. We discussed the options but they settled on Lincoln City Radio as they wanted to focus on Lincoln.

Lincoln City Radio is the community radio station for the City of Lincoln and surrounding villages. The audience is typically aged 40 +, which was ideal for their requirements.

We wanted them to have as much on-air activity as possible and a package of Weather sponsorship and airtime was agreed.

The sponsorship was to be the main focus of the campaign with a series of messages directing listeners to the client’s website for job opportunities. However, we felt that we needed to include an airtime commercial to explain how the clients name was spelt and so make it easier for potential applicants to get to the right place first time they look.

This campaign will initially run for a 4 month period between January and April 2021.

Listen here: (include audio of radio commercial and sponsorship tag)

Elysium Healthcare are national healthcare organisation based in Hertfordshire but with locations in Lincolnshire. They provide a variety of individual healthcare options to patients in specific locations in and ultimately at their home. By ensuring they deliver individualised care, which is evidenced based, people can move through pathways of care as their condition improves. They also make families and friends an active part of each patients recovery process and help all reach the end goal of more independent living where this is possible.

For full details visit www.elysiumhealthcare.co.uk

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