NHS Linconshire West

In September 2018, NHS Lincolnshire were launching a new campaign and needed help to get the right media. The purpose of the campaign was to educate local people on alternative contact options for an illness or injury other than the emergency 999.

I put together a plan covering all aspects of outdoor advertising for the Clinical Commissioning Group in Bracebridge Heath. I looked at both billboards and bus advertising as both would give great visibility. The message had to reach the whole of Lincolnshire.(excluding North and North East Lincolnshire). Billboards are an excellent option, but the number of available boards in the major towns across the County meant I couldn’t get an effective campaign running at the same time. This is why I recommended a bus campaign.

There are several bus depots in Lincolnshire. I got coverage out of several of these to maximise the visibility of the clients message.

We booked a series of bus rears, street-liners and inside panels to reach a bigger and more diverse audience.

The campaign was booked for 8 weeks starting in September 2018 and consisted of the following:

  • 28 x bus rears out of Lincoln depot
  • 14 x Street-liners out of Gainsborough depot
  • 125 x Inside panels – 45 out of Skegness an 40 out of both Lincoln and Gainsborough depots

The client was happy with the visibility the campaign gave them. More importantly they saw an increase across all the alternate points of contact they were promoting.