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We were approached by the Communications Team for Humberside Police to help promote the launch of Operation Shield in late October 2023. Op Shield is an ongoing major initiative by Humberside Police targeting crime in the local communities across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire. The mission is to ‘disrupt, tackle and hold those to account for the crimes they commit’.

The Communications Team wanted coverage on both the North and South bank of the Humber to sit alongside other elements of PR they were doing to launch this. We put forward the Alight digital billboards (D48 screens) in Hull and Scunthorpe as a recommendation. They booked 3 x D48 screens for 4 weeks on a 2 minute rotation. The screens chosen were Clough Road and Springbank in Hull and Brigg Road in Scunthorpe.

To date, Op Shield has been seen as a huge success and we are proud we have played a small part in this.

D48 screens in the Humber region

D48 screens in the Humber region

This campaign opened the door to other requests from the Communications Team leading to more booked campaigns.

In December we booked a seasonal campaign called ‘One Punch’ on several of the Alight D48 screens in the Humber region. Once again, this was a large initiative across multi media ready for the Christmas period. The ‘One Punch’ message highlights the fact that just one punch can and does ruin lives. In the past 2 years, 6 people have died as a result of receiving just one punch in a fight.

This campaign went on digital screens in both Hull and Scunthorpe throughout December 2023. We initially used 4 screens, Anlaby Road, Springbank and New Cleveland Street in Hull and Brigg Road in Scunthorpe. Whilst this campaign started, 2 new screens in Scunthorpe went live and we managed to get this important message on both of these as well for a couple of weeks.

Also in December, Humberside Police needed information to help with the murder of Anthony Ibbitson in Hull. We were asked if we could get a specific message out across digital screens in Hull asking the public for any dash cam footage on the night of the murder. Working with our colleagues at Alight and 75 Media, we were able to run a short campaign on all their available screens.

The Police have subsequently arrested someone for this murder.

D48 screens in the Humber region

We are also in the process of organising a further campaign to run in March 2024 to continue to promote Op Shield.

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