Claytons of Mansfield

Claytons of Mansfield are a long established, family run authorised Volvo dealership, specialising in servicing, repairs and warranty work.

I was approached by Steve and Chris Armson to put together an advertising campaign to help them raise their profile and to promote the garage services. They were targeting the Mansfield and North Nottinghamshire area. The plan was to raise the profile of both the Claytons of Mansfield and  Volvo Cars Mansfield names which they run alongside each other.

I proposed a sound and vision concept to them which included both radio and bus advertising. The idea being that not only would the local people they wanted to target hear about them, they would then also see their message and so give a bigger impact.

The campaign comprised of a 3 month sponsorship of Jambusters on Mansfield 103.2, the local radio station. This sponsorship was complimentary to Traffic and Travel and went out across the day, but specifically in both AM and PM Drive time. We rotated a variety of sponsorship tags that promoted both the Claytons and Volvo Cars Mansfield brands.

We ran this for a couple of months on its own. Then started a 12 week bus rear campaign consisting of 10 buses, out of the Mansfield bus depot. The laydown of the two campaigns was deliberate as the 4 week cross-over period was important to link both campaigns. It also allowed us to stretch the budget across a 5 month period.

The bus rear message specifically highlighted the Volvo Cars Mansfield brand.

The client was very happy with both the concept and also the response. They have plans to do something similar again later in 2019.