Benefits of Print Advertising:

Target Marketing

Magazine advertising allows you to advertise in specialist trade, lifestyle and recreational magazines suitable to your product and service.

Position Flexibility

You can choose where you want to place your advert in magazines and newspapers. You can be on the front page, back page, early right hand pages or general Run of Paper (ROP)

Loyal Readership

Both specialist magazines and newspapers have a loyal readership meaning you can create an effective long term relationship with your target market.

Get Results

A visually creative design using a simple call to action will not only increase awareness, it also drives traffic to your website

‘Still very relevant’

Press and Magazines

Print advertising is still relevant in today’s predominantly digital world. Despite reports to the contrary, people do read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis.

Therefore any print advert with a great visual and strong headline will catch the eye of a potential customer.

The key is knowing which of the many publications are the best for you to advertise in and what is the most effective position within those publications.

We can look after the whole process for you ensuring you get the best value for money. We can also shield you from the unsolicited calls you will invariably receive from the other newspapers and magazines when you start to advertise!


These are still seen as one of the cheapest ways to advertise. However like all printed advertising, they are still a very effective way for you to reach your potential customers. The key is how do you get them out to potential customers?

Do you deliver it yourself? Do you pay a small amount to a friend of a friend to deliver it for you? The problem with both of these options is that neither are particularly practical or trustworthy.

The simple answer is you do things properly. Here are some examples of how:

  • Royal Mail
  • Your local Lincolnshire or Yorkshire newspaper
  • Use a local independent delivery service that guarantee delivery by certain dates

We have used all three of the above for existing customers and already have the relationships in place. This means we can deal with all this for you. So regardless of where in the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire region you want to target we can help you.

Company stationary

This is another important element to get right. A complimentary image across all the printed material you want your customers to see will create a consistent brand identity.

If you do your printed material all at the same time you will invariably save time and money.

We already work with clients to produce full colour restaurant menus, A4 brochures, full colour media packs, business cards and compliment slips and can do the same for your Company.

For more details of how we can help with your print advertising and Company stationary, call us TODAY.

Reasons why you should choose CG Advertising:

Radio advertising is a totally bespoke service. Every client and every campaign is different and as such they need to be looked at on a case by case basis.

We will do the following for every client:

  • Put the needs of the client first
  • Listen to you and get a full understanding of what you are looking to achieve
  • Identify the right station or stations that will reach your target market
  • Put forward proposals that will help you achieve your goals
  • Talk directly with the relevant radio station on your behalf
  • Buy the campaign for you
  • Work with trusted partners to produce high quality commercials
  • Deal directly with the radio station over the invoicing

So if you are looking to use commercial radio as part of your advertising mix contact us TODAY.

Case Study

The Queens Head Inn and Restaurant

The Queens Head is a privately owned and run restaurant in Kirkby La Thorpe near Sleaford. We have known John Clark the Chef/Proprietor for several years having originally handled his radio advertising with Lincs FM. This campaign was built on long-term sponsorships of relevant features such as In the Kitchen and The Evening Show backed up by specific airtime campaigns and competitions around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

print advertising

"With Chris’s wealth of knowledge he was able to secure a number of advertising opportunities for my company that included radio and billboard advertising.

As a result of the advertising we have seen a significant increase of traffic onto our website and more importantly we seen a much higher level of new customers since the advertising started, so clearly it is working!"