Switalskis Solicitors

Switalskis Solicitors are a leading firm of quality lawyers in Yorkshire. They have 13 offices across Yorkshire and promote themselves as National lawyers across Yorkshire.

We promote the opening of a new branch in Sheffield. They were looking at an outdoor campaign to raise the profile of the Switalskis brand.

We initially put forward both a billboard and bus advertising campaign. We narrowed it down to a bus campaign as this gave them the best coverage for their budget. The bus rear advertising campaign consisted of 20 buses. It ran for a 12 week period out of the City Centre bus depot.

We used a simple and classic image of milk bottles on a doorstep. This indicated that the practice was local and had that personal touch which are two very important features when you are building a brand people can trust.

This campaign gave good coverage across the City with the 20 buses giving 1,600,000 impacts at an average frequency of 4.78 per 4 week period. These are very good achievements for this type of advertising campaign.

The 12 week campaign meant that the message was seen by as many people as possible.