2 Sisters Food Group

Recruiting staff has always been one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of running a business. With everything that has happened during the pandemic it has made many people reassess what is important in their lives, including their work lives. This has made the job of recruiting staff even harder.

It means that companies who want and need staff, need to get their message out as effectively as they can. Also, when the market seems to have more jobs than people, that message needs be as simple as possible to be able to cut through all the information people receive on a daily basis.

With this in mind, we received an enquiry from 2 Sisters Food Group in Scunthorpe asking how they could get a recruitment message out. They are a food production company and were well aware that the recruitment process was harder than normal. They needed food operatives and decided to run with a simple message about wages. This was ‘Join our team and earn £10.50 per hour starting rates’.

We discussed different options, but I recommended they look at both bus and billboards as these were the most visible way to getting the message seen by the people they wanted to reach.

After checking availability of both options, it turned out we could only get bus in the period they wanted to advertise. The client went with everything that was available and booked an 8 week campaign consisting of 6 x Lower Rears and 5 x Streetliners out of the Scunthorpe depot. This is a relatively small depot so this gave them very good visibility. The client was very happy with the campaign.

We are now in discussions to look at recruitment advertising for all the Group sites around the country.

In April 2022, the Sandycroft site near Chester also ran a recruitment campaign. They booked 5 x Lower Rears and 4 x Streetliners for an 8 week run out of the Chester Hawarden bus depot.

2 Sisters Food Group Scunthorpe:

This poultry processing site is located on Rams Boulevard, Foxhills Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe and has been there since 1988. When opened it was the largest of its type in Europe. In 2016 a £45milion upgrade for the plant was announced making it the worlds most advanced poultry processing plant.

2 Sisters Food Group Sandycroft:

Glendale Avenue, Sandycroft, East Side, Deeside CH5 2QP

For details of the 2 Sisters Food Group visit www.2sfg.com

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