Vision West Nottinghamshire College – bus advertising

Vision West Nottinghamshire College is a large College based in Mansfield. It takes students from across the Mansfield and Ashfield areas of West Nottinghamshire.

Like all College’s, their main marketing message is about enrolment. They attract many different types of students. These include school leavers looking for extra educational and vocational qualifications including apprenticeships. Students who want a University level education but who do not want to leave home to get it. Adult Learners looking to upgrade their current qualifications or gain qualifications for the first time. Another important partner are local businesses wanting to tap into the talent the College produces.

I have worked with the College for the past 3 years with their radio and billboard campaigns.

Nottinghamshire bus advertising campaign

For this campaign, I booked a series of bus lower rear advertising messages. This campaign would run alongside all their other marketing activity. Buses offer an extremely visual medium, seen on a daily basis by both potential students and their influencers. The message would encourage them to actively look at the College website and social media for more details. This in turn will get people to enrol.

We booked 15 Lower Rear adverts to run for a 4 week period from early January 2020. The message encouraged potential students from all backgrounds looking for the next step in their education, to apply for a place in 2020.  Using the headline ‘Don’t wait, apply today….to secure your place go to now’, the simple message was both clear and effective.

The College ran a Full College Open Day on Saturday 8th February and potential students who went on-line were encouraged to attend this for full information on their options.

The Mansfield bus advertising was seen as successful addition to their marketing strategy

For details on all bus advertising in Mansfield and across Nottinghamshire contact