CG Advertising is a traditional advertising agency that specialises in campaigns on radio, bus, billboard, all forms of print and SKY Ad Smart TV.

With on-line advertising being hugely important it is vital that you get as many potential customers searching for you as possible. Customers who know you will be aware of your products and services and will be able to go direct to you, but what about those who don’t? This is where traditional forms of advertising are essential.

What we do is make sure your specific message is seen and heard by a mass audience. It then targets potential customers and gives them reasons to go and find you on-line. This then makes your on-line presence much more effective.

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With Chris’s wealth of knowledge he was able to secure a number of advertising opportunities for my company that included radio and billboard advertising. As a result of the advertising we have seen a significant increase of traffic onto our website and more importantly we seen a much higher level of new customers since the advertising started, so clearly it is working!

Peter Frohmaier - Managing Director, S & P Garages Ltd, Lincoln