CG Advertising provide successful advertising solutions. These include bus, billboard and radio advertising to business in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the East Midlands

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Sinple Treats – Lincoln

In March 2021 we were contacted by Adam Parnell of Sinple Treats enquiring about advertising opportunities in Lincoln for a...
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One Point Recruitment

Bus advertising in Grimsby We were contacted by One Point Recruitment in April 2021 looking for details on both billboard...
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Mansfield District Council

Radio and outdoor advertising in Mansfield and across Nottinghamshire is a great way for a local business to reach their...
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Lightspeed Broadband

Lightspeed Broadband are an independent company based near Spalding. Their remit is to bring 1 gigabit per second ultrafast full...
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Roof Friendly

In early March 2021, we were given a warm lead that led to a conversation with the Managing Director of...
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Timberwise (UK) Ltd 

We were initially contacted by branch manager of the Lincoln and Midlands office of Timberwise in May 2019 but unfortunately...
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Lincoln UTC

We had discussed a possible bus advertising campaign with Lincoln UTC in July 2019 but for various reasons this did...
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BFS Accountants Ltd

In between Christmas and New Year 2020, we received an enquiry from the Managing Director of BFS Accountants who are...
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West Nottinghamshire College – Digital billboard campaigns

We have worked with Vision West Nottinghamshire College for several years now utilising the digital billboards across Mansfield. In October...
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NHS Lincolnshire Mental Health Awareness

In November 2020, we were approached by Optum, a health services and innovation company who were working on behalf of...
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Motor Source Group

Part of Forces Cars Direct Ltd in Lincoln We took an enquiry from the Marketing Manager at Forces Cars Direct,...
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Mansfield District Council

Mansfield District Council is a local council covering Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Market Warsop and Meden in Nottinghamshire. Over the past...
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