Plan, Plan, Plan!

These are strange and unprecedented times for everyone, and for business owners with a lot of unwanted time on their hands, they are also worrying times! But like death and taxes, one thing is guaranteed, this will end and we will get through it! What state your business is in when we do is unknown,…

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Bus Advertising – Top of your advertising wish list

outdoor advertising

Bus advertising east midlands If you are business looking to advertise and could write a wish list of what you want your print advertising medium to do, it might look something like this. Great looking visual Highly visible Regularly seen by a big percentage of the local population Regularly seen in geographic areas that are…

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What Makes CG Advertising Agency Different

cg advertising

Sometimes when you mention the words “Advertising Agency”, people immediately start to look worried. It might be because they think ‘too much money’ or they’ve had a bad experience in the past. More likely its because they’ve never used one and have no idea, how it could save them money in the long run! Chris…

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The importance of Advertising

You will have heard the saying ‘those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it’. Wise words indeed. In advertising, it is important to heed wise words from those in the know. So lets go back in history and re-visit the words of the great Henry Ford. ‘Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your…

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Using a Billboard Advertising Agency gets your business noticed

Billboard Advertising in Lincoln

Using a Billboard Advertising Agency is a great way to get your business both seen and noticed. This is the new billboard campaign for S&P Garages, the Lincoln based Mercedes approved service garage. It takes pride of place on Broadgate in Lincoln and is highly visible for all drivers who are driving north through the…

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Does traditional advertising still work?

Earlier today I had a conversation with a business about using good old fashioned, traditional local radio to help promote their products. Unfortunately I didn’t get passed the ‘gate-keeper’, nothing new there. They automatically told me that they were not doing any advertising as they were relying on their website. I tried to explain that…

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