Using a Billboard Advertising Agency gets your business noticed

Using a Billboard Advertising Agency is a great way to get your business both seen and noticed.

This is the new billboard campaign for S&P Garages, the Lincoln based Mercedes approved service garage. It takes pride of place on Broadgate in Lincoln and is highly visible for all drivers who are driving north through the City. The campaign has been booked by myself at CG Advertising. The design being created by Footprints Design Agency, also based in Lincoln.

It is part of a wider campaign the client is doing.

The objective was to increase the awareness of the company services to the wider Lincolnshire community. Both commercial and general public.

To do this, they have done the following:

The billboard is the latest, and most visual link in his marketing campaign, and ties everything together. This whole campaign shows that this client has thought about his business and taken on the advice given by the professionals he talked to.

For an advertising agency, this type of client is perfect. They know and accept that you have more experience in the advertising field then they do and therefore listen to advice given. Of course it is a partnership, so we need to adapt our advice to meet the clients objectives. However the key thing is to listen to what each has to say. By doing this, both parties will be confident and believe that the right solution has been achieved for that specific campaign.

Going back to the S&P Garages campaign, the great thing is that the client has noticed a significant increase in the amount of people visiting the website, calling into the business and generally talking to him about the campaign. It can therefore be said to have been a success!

To your business to be seen, heard and noticed by potential customers and your competitors, contact me today.

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