Why Radio Advertising Works

When your business works with CG Advertising Ltd, we will discuss you all the different forms of advertising that are available for your business. TV, Radio, Press, Online, Outside, Leaflet or maybe something more bespoke. We can advise you on all mediums. One of the most popular and successful is radio, a medium I have a lot of experience in.

This is why I believe radio advertising works.

It’s Everywhere

You can pretty much take the radio everywhere with you. You can have it in your car, at work, on the train, in your home. So radio is pretty much wherever you want to listen to it!

It’s in our Lives!

Most people at some point in their day will hear the radio. It might be that you put it on in the morning whilst you’re getting ready for work. You may only hear it when you’re stood in a queue paying for petrol.  But at some point we will hear the radio. This means as an advertiser you can target customers all over the place at all times of day and night!


The turnaround time in radio can be really quick.  So if for some reason you haven’t been as organized as maybe you should have been, you can get your message out sooner rather than later!

Brain Worm

How many times do you find yourself humming something and you have no idea what it is or where it’s come from? Then all of a sudden you realise it’s the jingle to a carpet advert on your local radio station! People hear things they don’t necessarily realise they’re hearing.

Tell them and Tell Them Again

Radio is not a one hit medium. Depending on what sort of campaign you sign up for, your ad will be heard multiple times a day, multiple times a week, multiple times a month at different times of the day! This means your message is reaching multiple people at multiple times of day!

You Can’t Fast Forward the Radio

Well not really! If a listener has made their choice of radio station and it’s tuned in at home or work or even in their car, there’s a really high probability that they’ll stick with it. They won’t retune when an advert comes on, because let’s face it, that’s a massive faff! So they will hear your adverts when they’re played.

Cost Effective

Some of our clients try and steer away from radio because they think it will be too expensive for their budget. But radio can be far more than just airtime. There’s a lot of options we can talk you through, so that you get the most for your money!

If you’d like to know more about radio or any speak to us about what other forms of advertising might worth for your business, then please contact us.

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