Billboard Advertising in Nottingham

Get your advertising message seen with a billboard campaign in Nottingham and across the East Midlands.

Billboards are a great way for business to really get noticed!

The standard 48 sheet billboard is approximately 3 metres high and 6 metres wide, and is positioned several feet above ground-level. This means your message really will stand out from the crowd!

All boards are located in high volume locations such as by busy roadsides and in town and city centres. So, whoever a business is trying to connect with, be that shoppers, commuters or students, there is a billboard option that will target their preferred customer.

Advertisers, regardless of size of business or budget, will always look for ways to effectively reach their target market.

This is where billboard advertising becomes a very viable option.

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Billboard Advertising in Nottingham

There are various sizes of billboards available ranging from the 4, 5 or 6 sheets upto the larger 48 and 96 sheet options. There are also many digital options throughout the City.

The cost of these is dependent on its size and whether it is a standard paste on or digital site.

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48 and 96 sheets billboard advertising in Nottingham

These are the most visual and therefore the most popular outdoor advertising options.

The large format boards are designed and positioned to deliver a commercial message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 48 sheet is approximately 3 metres high by 6 metres wide and the 96 sheet is twice that size.

As such they are unavoidable! They reach an audience that is on the move, short on time and who are light users of other forms of media.

Using an attractive and visual creative will provide a welcome interruption into the daily slog of having to get to and from somewhere. They can also work as a great time piece! Regular commuters will know if they haven’t passed that billboard at a specific time, they will be late!

Sites are invariably located on the busiest arterial routes into and out of the City to maximise their visibility and the ‘opportunities to see’ (OTS).

Billboard Advertising in Nottingham is very well served with hundreds of 48 and 96 sheet sites. These boards are located on all main arterial routes in and out of the City as well as in busy pedestrian areas.

6 sheet advertising

6 sheets are invariably found by busy roads, and are positioned to maximise the visibility to both drivers and pedestrians and are also located on key high streets and busy rail and train stations where there is a high level of footfall.

Designed to deliver a high frequency commercial message targeting people who take the same route to work, go shopping or out to socialise. Formats include the traditional paper versions aswell as digital options such as Adshel Live

There are simply thousands of locations for billboard Advertising in Nottingham and throughout the major towns in the East Midlands.

Locations include:

  • High Streets
  • Shopping Centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Cinemas
  • Train stations
  • Bus stations

The 6 sheet also comes in slightly smaller proportions called 4 and 5 sheets which are seen in railway and bus stations.


There are different types of billboards you can book.

  • Standard paper paste on
  • Illuminated versions of the above
  • Heavy duty vinyl versions
  • Full digital screens

Each variant of billboard will be placed in the most suitable location for that format. For example, full digital boards will be in highly visible locations. These include INTU Victoria Centre. The more standard versions will still be on the main roadside locations but also on the smaller roads that have high volumes of traffic.

The price of a campaign will reflect the format used and also the location of the boards.

Digital sites are sold on the number of guaranteed plays you buy. While standard paste on sites are sold in multiples of 2 weeks (eg, 2, 4, 6 weeks).

A rule of thumb being the higher the quality of board the more it will cost. Whatever options you choose you will be getting an extremely cost-effective form of advertising. This invariably is less expensive than most other local media options.

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How long can you can advertise

Billboard Advertising in Nottingham Campaign lengths are based on multiples of 2 weeks. Standard paper posters will have a life-span of approximately 4 – 6 weeks before it starts to look weathered (depending on weather conditions) so why not book your board for that length of time!

Vinyl versions will last much longer and digital are perfect all the time.

Ideally you will use multiple weeks and multiple sites to maximise your particular message. However you can use individual billboards very tactically if they are based in the right location.

The key factor with billboard advertising is availability. With locations being so high profile, demand for them is high and as such availability may be at a premium. It is highly recommended that you plan well ahead to ensure you get the locations you require and your campaign deserves.

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"The College has worked with Chris on many campaigns over recent years including billboard, bus and radio and have been very happy with the work carried out on our behalf. Chris is quick to identify opportunities and respond to our needs. We look forward to continuing this working relationship in the coming years and highly recommend CG Advertising.”

Stephanie Hoult - Student Services Manager, West Nottinghamshire College Mansfield




BFS Accountants Ltd

we put forward a brand new D48 operated by Alight Media that had just recently gone live on Ratcliffe Gate in the town. We had some favourable rates with Alight already secured and put forward both a 4 week and a 3 month option.

digital billboard advertising

Vision West Nottinghamshire College

The first campaign ran for 4 weeks on the two D48’s located on the junction of the A38 and Rosemary Street at Stockwell Gate. 


Motor Source Group

We discussed the benefits of both bus and digital billboard advertising and how both would work really well alongside the radio campaign. The client decided they only wanted to go with billboards.