Bus Advertising in Lincoln

Reasons why you should choose Bus Advertising

High Impact

Bus advertising delivers a high impact, large format, advertising message to people during their normal daily routine. It provides an important reminder of a sales message in the geographic area the business operates in.

Longevity of Message

Bus campaigns run in multiples of 4 weeks. The price for the campaign is comparable, and in many cases less than those for a shorter campaign on other local media options.

Cannot Miss It!

The average ‘dwell time’ for a bus rear is 48 seconds! This is one of the longest of any media. If you can see the advert, then so can thousands of others....many of whom will be your potential customers!

Get Results

A visually creative design using a simple call to action will not only increase awareness of your product and service, it will also drive traffic to your website, creating more enquiries.

Bus advertising in Lincoln is a fantastic way for any local business to get noticed!

Buses are something most people take for granted. However they do play an important part in everyday life. For many people they are their only form of transport. Also drivers will see a bus on just about every journey they take. This is particularly true around towns and in the city.


This is why bus advertising in Lincoln works!

If you see a bus on a regular basis, so will thousands of other people. This happens every day! Therefore, if you advertise on a bus, thousands of people will see your message every day.

For the back of a bus, the average ‘dwell time’ (the time you are actually looking at the advert) is 48 seconds. This is one of the longest of any media both traditional and on-line. The side of a bus is 13 seconds, which is still very good. In the modern world where people’s attention span is very short, both offer excellent visibility.

The next time you are driving behind a bus, take notice of the advert on the back. Although the advert may not be relevant to you, it will be to other people. This is the point!

Remember, you are selling your product and service to other people, not yourself.

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Bus advertising free guide

Bus Advertising Options

There are lots of different options when advertising on a bus in terms of placement, and the best option for your business depends on your goals, target audience, budget and longevity of the campaign. CG Advertising have a wealth of experience placing the right adverts for the right businesses to maximise ROI on advertising spend.

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Where you can advertise

Below is a list of places you can advertise on a bus.

Bus rear - the typical advert size is 2' x 5'. The average dwell time is 48 seconds.

Mega-rear - this is where either a single or double deck has the whole back covered with a vinyl advert. The average dwell time is again 48 seconds.

Street-liner - the side of a single deck bus with the typical advert size being 2' x 13'. The average dwell time is 13 seconds.

Super-side - the passenger side of a double deck bus only. The average dwell time is 13 seconds.

T-side - on the driver’s side of a double deck only. This is typically used when an advertiser has a visual creative such as to promote a film. The average dwell time is again 13 seconds.

Passenger panels - adverts running on either side of the inside of the bus.

How long is a campaign?

Campaign lengths are based on multiples of 4 weeks. For an effective campaign, you ideally need to use multiple buses to maximise the visibility of your message. The number of buses will be dictated by the nature of your campaign. If your campaign is time-sensitive, you would look at a shorter duration of 4 weeks. You then have a larger number of buses to give you maximum impact. For Lincoln, I would recommend you look at 20 – 25 buses.

If your message is more generic and not time-sensitive, use multiples of 4 weeks. This is better for the effectiveness of the campaign. When you do run a longer campaign, you can use fewer buses without losing the visibility. This is because time and repetition provides a cumulative effect. This makes people believe there are more buses than there actually are. In this situation, for Lincoln I would look at 15 to 20 buses over 8 to 12 weeks.

The only exception to the above, would be for Mega Rear advertising. Due to the cost of getting the vinyl printed and fitted, I would recommend that you look at atleast a 6 month campaign. However it would work out to be much more cost-effective over 12 months. For the Lincoln area, a minimum of 2 buses would give you a good campaign.

Bus depots in Lincoln and Lincolnshire

Bus depots are found in the larger towns in the County. All routes will start and finish at the depot. This ensures the larger populated areas will see a bus more often.

These are some of the County’s depots and also the bus routes that are covered by them.


Areas covered: Aubourn, Barkston, Bassingham, Belton, Birchwood, Blankney, Boothby Graffoe, Bracebridge Heath, Branston, Branston Booths, Cabourne, Caistor, Carlton le Moorland, Caythorpe, Cherry Willingham, Cleethorpes, Coleby, Cranwell, Digby, Dorrington, Dunholme, Dunston, East Barwith, Faldingworth, Fillingham, Fiskerton, Glentham, Grantham, Grimblethorpe, Grimsby, Hagworthingham, Hartsholme, Heighington, Hemswell, Honington, Horncastle, Ingham, Kirton, Laceby, Leadenham, Lincoln, Louth, Market Rasen, Metheringham, Middle Rasen, Naveby, Nettleham, Nocton, Normanton, North Hykeham, Potterhamworth, Reepham, Ruskington, Scampton, Scotter, Scotthern, Scunthorpe, Skegness, Skellingthorpe, Sleaford, South Willingham, Sudbrooke, Swinderby, Syston, Waddington, Washingborough, Welbourn, Wellingore, Welton, Wragby.


Areas covered: Alsthorpe, Barnby Moor, Bawtry, Beckingham, Blyton, Brattleby, Clarborough, Clayworth, Corringham, Doncaster, Fenton, Gainsborough, Gringley, Hayton, Heapham, Ingham, Kirton, Laughton, Lea Green, Lincoln, Messingham, Misterton, Morton, Newton on Trent, Ranskill, Retford, Saxilby, Scampton, Scotter, Scrooby, Scunthorpe, Skellingthorpe, Springthorpe, Stow, Sturton by Stow, Susworth, Upton, Walkeringham, West Stockwith, Wildsworth, Willingham, Wiseton.


Areas covered: Althorpe, Ashby, Barnetby, Barton, Bishop Norton, Bottesford, Brigg, Burton, Cherry Willingham, Crosby, Crowle, Dunholme, Eastoft, Ferribly Sluice, Fiskerton, Flixborough, Garthorpe, Hull, Kirmington, Laughton, Lincoln, Luddington, Melton Ross, Messingham, Nettleham, Normanby, Northorpe, Parklands, Reepham, Riddings, Roxby, Scawby, Scotern, Scotter, Scotton, Scunthorpe, Sudbrooke, Thealby, Timberland, Welton, Westcliff, Whitton, Winterton, Wrawby.


Areas covered: Alford, Benington, Bilsby, Bishop Norton, Boston, Butlins, Butterwick, Chapel St Leonards, Fantasy Island, Frelston, Friskney, Hagworthingham, Hogsthorpe, Horncastle, Ingoldmells, Langton, Langworth, Leverton, Lincoln, Mablethorpe, Mumby, Old Leake, Orby, Raithby, Sandilands, Skegness, Spilsby, Sutton on Sea, Trusthorpe, Wainfleet, Wragby, Wrangle.


Areas covered: Barrow-upon-Humber, Barton-upon-Humber, Binbrook, Bonby, Bradley, Brigg, Brigsley, Brookenby, Cleethorpes, East Halton, East Ravendale, Elsham, Europarc, Fotherby, Grainsby, Grimsby, Harbrough, Hatcliffe, Healing, Holton le Clay, Horkstow, Humberston, Immingham, Kirmond le Mire, Laceby, Louth, Ludborough, Ludford, New Waltham, North Killingholme, North Thoresby, Saxby All Saints, Scartho, South Ferriby, South Killingholme, Stallingborough, Thornton Curtis, Ulceby, Utterby, Waltham, Wootton, Worlaby, Wrawby.

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Reasons why you should choose CG Advertising:

The whole process is sorted for you. We ensure you get the right campaign to suit your specific requirements, every time.

We check the availability of relevant sites in your target area and book the campaign that is right for you. Working with trusted partners, we help you produce the most effective visual for your message.

All campaigns are bespoke as they are tailored to fit a specific client brief. As such it is difficult to give a price for bus advertising at this stage. However, with each campaign running in multiples of 4 weeks, be assured, it IS a very cost-effective way to promote your business.

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bus advertising lincoln

City Scrap & Lincoln Tyres

Bus Advertising in Lincoln directly hit their target market….drivers! In November 2018 I received an enquiry from City Scrap, a scrap metal merchant in Lincoln, asking about billboard advertising for a campaign to start in the New Year.


Andrews Car Centre

We met up and discussed the different options available when it comes to bus advertising. This included lower rears and streetliners advertising. With them definitively wanting to target drivers, the decision was made to run a lower rears bus advertising campaign out of the Lincoln bus depot. 


Lincolnshire Talent Academy

We booked a 4 week campaign consisting of a mix of Lower Rear and Streetliner adverts to run from the end of October. We timed this so the buses were seen in the weeks running upto the event. They acted as a reminder to those who were already aware of the event, and also a prompt to those who weren’t.