Bus advertising, like billboards, is a very visual medium, but with the added benefit of being mobile!

87% of the UK believe that buses play an important role in the local community. As such they are noticed and used by large numbers of people. Most towns either have a bus depot or are on one of the bus routes out of the depot with regular runs. This means that advertisers can build frequency and coverage very quickly. 

You can advertise on the side of a bus, the rear of the bus or the inside. Each targets different audiences but all benefit from having a captive audience. For example, the average dwell time for a bus rear is 48 seconds, arguably one of the longest of any advertising medium.

Successful campaigns need 3 main things:

  • Memorable creative
  • A simple, and ideally single, call to action
  • Time to establish itself

Do these, and you give your campaign every chance of working.

National Railway Museum Streetliner
IMS[70733] Single and double deck mega rear examples

Reasons why you should choose Bus Advertising:

High Impact

Bus advertising delivers a high impact, large format advertisement for clients. It provides and important reminder of a message close to the point of sale on the High Street, and in the geographic are the business operates in.

Longevity of Message

Bus campaigns are around for atleast 4 weeks, with many running for much longer

Cannot Miss It!

The average ‘dwell time’ for a bus rear is 48 seconds! This is one of the longest of any media

Get Results

A visually creative design using a simple call to action will not only increase awareness, it also drives traffic to your website

Reasons why you should choose CG Advertising:

At CG Advertising, we handle the whole process for you. We check the availability of relevant sites, we book the campaign, we handle all correspondence including invoicing and work with trusted partners to produce the most effective creative for you.

For more details on all Outdoor opportunities, including billboards and bus advertising contact us TODAY.

Case Study

Switalskis Solicitors

We were contacted by the marketing department of Switalskis to help as they were looking at an outdoor campaign to help raise the profile of their new Sheffield practice.

We initially put forward both a billboard and bus campaign. This was narrowed down to a bus campaign as this gave them the best coverage for the budget. The campaign consisted of 20 bus rears for a 12 week campaign running out of the Sheffield bus depot.


‘Genesis Cars have worked with Chris for the past year and found him to be both trustworthy and efficient. We specifically work with the Christian community and his knowledge of different types of media has been hugely beneficial in helping us market ourselves to this very niche market’

Richard May - Director, Genesis Cars