Radio Advertising in Lincoln

Benefits of radio advertising:

Target Specific Audiences

Radio Advertising in Lincoln allows you to target the people you want to reach. You can quite literally talk to your target audience in a language they will understand.

Talk To People

Radio talks to people at relevant times and places. On the way to work, at work, at home, on the school run etc.

You choose what’s right for your message..

Make It Memorable

In the same way you recognise a song after hearing it several times on the radio, with the right creative, you also remember a commercial. 

Get Results

Advertising on the radio just works. By increasing brand familiarity, it creates a desire to know more and therefore drives traffic online. This gives you more enquiries and more business.

Reasons why you should choose CG Advertising:

Radio advertising is a totally bespoke service. Each client and every campaign is different and as such, they need to be looked at on a case by case basis.

This is what we do at CG Advertising.

  • Talk to the client and listen to what you want to achieve
  • Take specific brief based on your requirements
  • Put forward proposals and options to help achieve your goals
  • Write the scripts and book the appropriate campaign
  • Nothing is put to air without full client approval

Options for radio adverting in Lincoln:

Lincoln City Radio:

This is the local radio station for Lincoln and surrounding commuter villages. With music ranging from the 60’s upto the current day, this station appeals to listeners of all ages but predominantly to the over 40’s.

There are two main advertising options available:

Commercial Airtime - A commercial is written and produced with your message and is played out during the commercial breaks. The length of the campaign is dictated by your specific campaign requirements.

Sponsorship - Your company name is aligned with a Show (eg Breakfast) or a feature within a Show (eg Weather). Your company will then receive a set number of name credits for that programme or feature. The minimum length of a sponsorship is 4 months.

Click here for the Lincoln City Radio advertising rate card.

Lincs FM

This is the regional commercial radio station for Lincolnshire and Newark. All advertising campaigns are priced on a ‘cost per thousand’ (CPT) basis. To book a campaign on Lincs FM, there is a process we need to go through and as such all prices are on request.

Case Study: Elysium Healthcare

These are national healthcare organisation based in Hertfordshire but with locations in Lincolnshire. They provide a variety of individual healthcare options to patients in specific locations in and ultimately at their home. By ensuring they deliver individualised care, which is evidenced based, people can move through pathways of care as their condition improves. They also make families and friends an active part of each patients recovery process and help all reach the end goal of more independent living where this is possible.

For full details visit

Elysium Healthcare approached Lincoln City Radio to help them recruit more nurses and care workers to work at their Lincolnshire locations.

The radio station wanted them to have as much on-air activity as possible and a package of Weather sponsorship and airtime was agreed. This campaign ran for a 4 month period.

"If I were in the market for radio advertising and I wanted the best advice and the best service in the industry, I’d choose Chris every time!”

Paul Chadbourne - Managing Director of Great Minds Creative