Reasons why you should choose Outdoor Advertising:

Highly visual

Outdoor Advertising allows the advertiser to be really creative and therefore, memorable.


You cannot switch outdoor advertising off or avoid it as many of the locations and bus routes are on main arterial routes so catching people to and from work.

Very cost-effective

Both billboards and bus advertising stands up well in terms of price against most other local media.

Highly effective

Outdoor and bus advertising, when used as part of a media mix, significantly increases awareness of your message. However they also work extremely well as a stand-alone campaign.

‘95 of the top 100 advertisers in the UK use outdoor advertising

This highly creative and visual medium is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising in the Country with popularity high among National, regional and local advertisers. In fact 95 of the top 100 advertisers in the UK use outdoor
advertising as part of their mix.

Outdoor advertising comes in various forms including:

  • Billboards (96, 48 and 6 sheets)
  • Adshel 
  • Street Talk (phone boxes)
  • Plus digital 6 sheets in shopping centres, railway and bus stations and cinema.

Billboards traditionally come in the the standard paste on format. However continued investment by the different media owners in the quality of their sites means that many poster sites are now HD or digital. All this investment is designed to make your message stand out from the crowd.  So you really can have your name up in lights!

When you book a billboard you do so in 2 week blocks. It works very well when run as part of a media mix.

The average ‘dwell time’ for a 48 sheet billboard is 8 seconds.

outdoor advertising lincoln
outdoor advertising leeds
outdoor advertising

Bus advertising

A highly visual and mobile advert that works fantastically well in conjunction with other media, particularly radio. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business as you book a campaign of multiple buses in 4 week blocks. This brings the price in line with local newspapers and on many occasions is better than local radio.

There are several different options available for you to choose from including Street-liners, T-sides, Super-sides and Rears and Mega-rears, aswell as inside the bus.

The average ‘dwell time’ for a street-liner on the side of a bus is 13 seconds, however the average ‘dwell time’ for a bus rear is 48 seconds! This is one of the longest of any media available.

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Reasons why you should choose CG Advertising:

At CG Advertising, we handle the whole process for you. We check the availability of relevant sites, we book the campaign, we handle all correspondence including invoicing and work with trusted partners to produce the most effective creative for you.

For more details on all Outdoor opportunities, including billboards and bus advertising contact us TODAY.

Case Study

David Wilson Homes Yorkshire West

We were contacted David Wilson Homes Yorkshire West to work on an outdoor campaign for their prestigious new Garnett Wharfe riverside development in Otley. This was to compliment their existing marketing campaign for this development. The campaign was to target professionals who worked in or around Otley or commuted to nearby Leeds.


"With Chris’s wealth of knowledge he was able to secure a number of advertising opportunities for my company that included radio and billboard advertising.

As a result of the advertising we have seen a significant increase of traffic onto our website and more importantly we seen a much higher level of new customers since the advertising started, so clearly it is working!"